Center Policies

Notification if a Child is withdrawn

Quality Care CDC requests a two-week notice should you decide to withdrawal your child from Quality Care CDC.  If a two week notice is not provided in lieu of the two week notice the parent or guardian will be responsible for the full child care fee for the last weeks since the child was withdrawn without a two-week notice.  If the two weeks is not paid within 5 days of your child or children being withdrawn collection action will be taken. 

Any child withdrawn for less than 30 days and wishes to re-enroll will be charged a $100.00 enrollment fee per child. 

Termination of Enrollment by facility 

If the facility decides to terminate enrollment for your child you will be given a two week notice to find another center for your child.  If there are extenuating circumstances we will provide as much notice as possible. 

Smoking/Prohibited Substances 

Oklahoma Childcare licensing regulations prohibit smoking and any illegal substances in all childcare centers.  Quality Care CDC will enforce this law. 

Concealed Weapons 

Quality Care CDC prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons by anyone other than law enforcement officers inside any of their center locations.


In accordance with Federal Laws this institution is prohibited from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, and age, or disability. 


We do have a pet on our premises. Our staff uses universal precautions when dealing with pets. Our children also wash their hands before and after handling pets. Parents we do allow children to check out Valentine over a holiday weekend and provide care for them, however, they must be 4 or older to check out the pet for the holiday weekend.