Communication Policy

Staying in Touch 

It is our policy that we provide a daily report to parents of infants, through 5 year olds.  Your child’s teacher will provide this daily-happenings report at the time of pick-up.  

There are many other parent communication tools that will help you stay informed about your child’s classroom and education.  You are your child’s first teacher; therefore open communication is vital to your child’s experience at Quality Care CDC. 

Knowing what your child is doing during the day helps you reinforce and encourage the same topics and activities at home.  This kind of consistency helps your child become an active enthusiastic learner.


Quality Care CDC has quarterly conferences with the parents of all our students.  When quarterly conferences are scheduled there will be a notice posted in the lobby and your child’s teacher will schedule a time for you. Each classroom will have their parent teacher conferences on a different day.  

Parent Visits 

We encourage you to stop by Quality Care CDC any time.  Your child will appreciate your attention and enthusiasm, and you will enjoy seeing what goes on during our busy day.  Visiting your child during classroom hours helps you get to know our teachers and other children and lets you keep in touch with your child’s daily world. 

Bulletin Board 

A large bulletin board is located in the entrance/reception area.  Information of interest to parents and notices of daily and weekly events will be posted there.


Every month a newsletter is prepared by the staff for the parents in the office.   It will include general information about Quality Care CDC, the program, tips on parenting and special notices.  In addition, it may include a section of information about individual classes. 

Daily Reports 

Daily reports will be completed for children ages 5 and younger.  This a method of keeping parents informed about their children’s daily activities.  These reports provide a summary of information regarding eating, sleeping, play and learning activities. Information related to toileting will be provided on infants and toddlers. 

PAT (Parent Assisting Teachers) 

PAT helps parents feel more a part of our school.  PAT representatives from each class meet monthly with directors of the center to promote activities that support the children.  It is also time to share information and discuss concerns.

Open Door Policy 

At Quality Care we strive to stay in contact with parents regularly, therefore, we have a open door policy that allows the parents to come in at any time. We encourage the parents to come by and visit with the, teachers and staff of our center.