Checking Children In and Out

Checking In 

Every time you arrive at Quality Care CDC, your child must be checked in on the EBT (DHS subsidy) system in the front lobby and in the ProCare System.  If you do not have your DHS EBT card to check your child in your child will not be admitted for child care. 

If you do not have your card with you when dropping off your child, you will need to pay tuition for that day up front.  If you bring your card in that evening your payment will be refunded.  If you do not bring your card in the same day your payment will not be refunded. 

These records are licensing requirements.  They also provide up-to-the-minute attendance lists for our teachers and directors.  Once you have checked your child in, make sure you escort him or her to the classroom and inform the teacher that your child is present. 

Checking Out 

As mentioned above, the directors keeps an updated file of names, addresses and phone numbers of the people you have authorized to pick up your child in case of an emergency.  Anyone picking up your child must show proper identification, such as a driver’s license, before we will release your child.  That person must then check your child out on the EBT (DHS subsidy) keypad or sign them out.  It is Quality Care CDC policy that no one under sixteen years of age (except those who are a child’s parents) is permitted to pick up a child at Quality Care CDC. 

In special circumstances, it is important that you indicate on your enrollment form that the custodial parent is and who may pick up your child.  The parent with custody is required to provide a copy of the divorce decree or custody agreement, which will be kept in your child’s confidential file. 

Visitor Policy 

All visitors to our center are greeted and asked to sign the visitor log and state the purpose of their visit. To ensure the security of the children, teachers, and the directors, picture identification is required from all unfamiliar visitors.  Visitors are never left alone in the center.  If a visitor is listed as an authorized person to pick up a child, the visitor must still show picture identification if he/she is not known by the directors and/or staff.

Procedure for Identifying Children

The safety and well being of your child is very important to us at Quality Care CDC.  To ensure that all children are accounted for at all times; the Quality Care CDC staff marks each child present on the class attendance when a child arrives.  Head counts and roll is taken at major transition times throughout the day.   After playground time a Quality Care CDC staff member will walk the playground to ensure that all the children have entered the building.  Quality Care CDC staff takes roll during Emergency evacuation drill when each class has reach their distention.