Medical and Weather-Related Emergencies

Medical Emergencies

As a safety measure, Quality Care CDC keeps a file of people authorized to pick up each child in case of an emergency.  The file is based on the information you provide on the enrollment forms.  Notify the directors in writing of any changes, as children will be not be released without proper authorization.  

If a fire, severe weather or other emergency occurs, it is crucial that children respond in a safe and orderly fashion.  Children participate in regular drills and practices so they will know what to do in the case of an actual emergency. Emergency procedures are posted in every classroom.  Feel free to discuss them with the directors. If an emergency affects the center we will notify you.  

Severe Injury or Acute Illness

In case of severe injury or acute illness, first-aid treatment will immediately begin and if warranted, the child will be transported to the following Hospital: 

Integris Baptist Medical Center 
3300 Northwest Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK  73112
(405) 949-3011

At the same time Quality Care CDC is making arrangements to take the child to the hospital, a parent or guardian will be notified and advised of the circumstances.  If the parent or guardian cannot be reached, a person on the emergency list of the enrollment application will be notified.  A staff member will accompany the child to the emergency room and will remain until the parent or guardian arrives and is informed of the situation. 

NOTE: If away from Quality Care CDC when an injury occurs, the child will be transported to the nearest medical facility.  All other procedures will remain the same.

Incident/Accident Reports 

We take precautions to prevent childhood accidents.  However, as children begin testing their limitations, accidents sometimes happen. In the event your child suffers an injury at Quality Care CDC we will provide a written report of all accidents and incidents, minor or major, this report will be given to the Director for his/her awareness.  A copy, signed by the staff member, parent and Director, will be kept in the child’s individual file folder. 

Parent Responsibility

Parents are responsible for any cost associated with medical treatment for their child.

Weather-Related Emergencies

Emergency Policy 

In case of a natural disaster Quality Care CDC Inc. will turn to the news and do what the President of the United States of America instructs us to do. 

In case of a fire or tornado Quality Care CDC Inc. the staff and children at Quality Care Child Development Center Inc. will be at Sequoyah Elementary.

Inclement Weather Policy 

Outdoor classroom is an important part of your child’s day at Quality Care CDC. It is our policy for all children to participate in outdoor activities on a daily basis, weather permitting.  Parents, please dress your child accordingly.  In the event of inclement or excessively hot weather, outdoor classroom will be limited to 10 minutes for toddlers and 15 minutes for preschool children and school-age kids.  

Quality Care CDC will apply sunscreen and insect repellent as directed and supplied by the parents.  Written authorization by the parent or guardian and instructions for applying the sunscreen and insect repellent is required.  Remember to label your child’s sunscreen and insect repellent with their first and last name. If you choose not to bring sunscreen or bug repellent you run the risk of your child having a sun burn or insect bites. 

If a severe storm or tornado alert is activated, all children will go to an assigned location in the building.  If children are in a van, the driver will stop the van and have the children take cover on the ground. 

In the event that weather is severe enough for Quality Care CDC Inc. to close we will attempt to contact each family by phone and notify them of our closing.  We will also put a message on the center’s phone of the closing and report it to the local news stations. In the event or inclement weather tuition is due still due for the full week no exceptions.