Special Guidelines

Late Arrival or Absent 

If your child is going to be arriving late or absent we would appreciate if you would notify us in advance the day prior to the late arrival or absence.

We do not accept children in our attendance after 9:15a.m. without prior approval from the director.  We do not accept children in our PM program attendance after 5p.m. without approval from the director. 


Dress for fun!  Quality Care CDC is filled with all types of hands on learning.  Children should wear simple, washable clothing and comfortable shoes.  Since our classroom extends outdoors, please dress your child appropriately for the weather, when needed include a hat and gloves for outerwear. We recommend that girls with dresses or skirts wear shorts underneath. 

Each child is required to have an additional change of clothing at the center including pants, shirt, socks and underwear.  Make sure all clothing is labeled, including jackets, coats, hats, and gloves. 

Children under the age of 2 years old are not permitted to wear sandals due to safety issues. At this age they are wobbly walkers and have issues with their balance and sandals and flip flops can cause additional accidents. 

Personal Belongings (Toys from home)

Quality Care CDC has been approved by Oklahoma licensing and has enough equipment for each child.  We would like the children to utilize the equipment provided to them and not bring items from home unless the child is a school-age child and it is required for school. 

Video and Television Policy 

Video and television viewing is not a routine part of a child’s day at Quality Care CDC but occasionally may be beneficial to the overall curriculum and the child’s educational development.  Only G-Rated videos are shown and do not contain stereotypical or violent subject matter.  Children are supervised at all times and alternate activity is available for those children who choose not to watch the program.